School Supplies

For next years’ school supplies, you have the option to do your own shopping OR pay $75 and let the HSA and school do the shopping for you and have your children’s supplies delivered directly to their classroom on the first day of school!

Note: Amounts above the $75/child fee are encouraged to help other families.


Penn Alexander offers one of the best K–8 public school experiences in Philadelphia. This is possible only because of your support. The School District of Philadelphia budget is not enough to cover basic upkeep of the school, or to provide many programs and activities we expect in a school experience.

We depend on donations to maintain the high level of academic excellence PAS is known for. Every dollar raised goes directly toward the school.

Our goal for this school year is to have 100% of Penn Alexander families contributing. In order to maintain the current level of programming and to meet our fundraising commitments, we are asking for $100 per student. But any amount will help. We understand that not everyone is able to give at all times. Every donation of time and money counts, including the support PAS gets from you — our dedicated families — along with local businesses and organizations, relatives, alumni, and neighbors.

These funds provide critical support for art and science programs, offer supplemental funding for classroom activities and afterschool programs, and fill budget gaps, such as playground repairs, piano tuning, and sound system improvements.

What your investment provides to University City children:

  • PAS is ranked among the highest-performing schools in the Philadelphia School District for reading, math, science, and writing achievement based on the School Progress Report.
  • PAS earned the 2016 National Blue Ribbon Award from the US Department of Education for its progress in closing the achievement gap. US Secretary of Education called the winners “shining examples” for others around the country.
  • The PAS 2017–18 Robotics Team earned a ticket to the FIRST Lego World Championship.
  • More than 90% of PAS graduates attend selective Philadelphia high schools.
  • Our first-class teachers and administration create a culture of excellence. Eight teachers have earned the prestigious National Board Certification, the highest level of certification in the field of teaching.
  • Penn Alexander students have won regional spelling bees and gone on to represent Philadelphia at the National Spelling Bee in Washington, DC.
  • Our student body reflects the diverse West Philadelphia community we are proud to be part of.
  • It’s free! Penn Alexander provides an education comparable to that of many of the local private schools, where tuition can run $20,000 a year or more.

Giving Tuesday Donation

Memories are made each day at PAS because of your support — whether these are author celebrations in kindergarten, fifth-grade ballroom dancing performances, or the winter concerts, these these events couldn’t happen without your support.

On Tuesday, November 27, we invite family and friends to join the nation in this day of generosity by making a donation of any size to PAS HSA. Donations are tax-deductible.

Anonymous donors will match the first $6000 we raise on Nov. 27. Help us reach our Giving Tuesday goal of $12,000! Every donation helps.