2021 Teacher Gifts

As many of you already know, we have a longstanding tradition at PAS of giving to our teachers and staff at the end of the year.  Our gifts are intended to show appreciation and support for our AMAZING staff and teachers, as well as to help offset personal funds that teachers have often spent to help support their classes.

This year, we can all agree, our teachers, our specials teachers, and our entire school community have gone above and beyond in terms of their dedication to students and making school meaningful during a year when so many teachers, students, and families have experienced indescribable loss.

We are so grateful to the teachers our kids see every day, the teachers they see weekly, and our staff in the office, food service, climate and custodial services at PAS, all of whom have kept school running “behind the scenes.”

We ask all families to give what they can to support these gifts. We will use pooled contributions to divide among teachers (both grade level and specialist) and staff. Our primary goal is to be inclusive, and to ensure that all teachers and staff feel equally valued.

This tradition can accommodate family budgets of all sizes.  In the past, average contributions per student have been $20-30, and family contributions have ranged from $1-$250.  Please feel free to give what is comfortable for you.

Our deadline for collection is June 11th!

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